Take Away & Weekly menus

From La Cookesa Bio, every week we will send you our newsletterwhere you will find 3 menus to choose from. Each menu is designed to give you a balanced consumption of nutrients for your day-to-day meals. Each dish is made with local ecological products.

You can pick up the menus in our restaurant or in the pick-up points in Granollersor Sant Celoni.

The packaging we use is compostable.

How do the weekly menus work?


Each week we send an email (normally on Wednesday) to all our clients who are subscribed to the newsletter. In this email we will show you the 3 menus we offer and that you can choose from.


Send us your order through email or WhatsApp, where you will have to specify clearly which menus you want us to prepare for you (it is important to specify if you are intolerant to any food) and when you will come to pick them up.


If you fancy any dish from the restaurant menu, we can also prepare it for you. Find out about the take-away dishes.

Weekly menus


12,50 €


25 €


37,50 €